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Latino Daily News

Monday January 9, 2012

Picasso’s “Cabeza de Mujer” Stolen from National Gallery in Greece

Picasso’s “Cabeza de Mujer” Stolen from National Gallery in Greece

Photo: Picasso's "Cabeza de Mujer" Stolen from National Gallery in Greece

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Pablo Picasso’s painting “Cabeza de mujer” (Woman’s Head) was stolen early Monday from the National Gallery in Athens, Greek media reported.

The museum has not identified the work stolen, but the To Vima newspaper said it was the Picasso painting, the only one by the Spanish master in the gallery’s collection.

The oil painting, which measures 56 centimeters by 40 centimeters (22 inches by 16 inches), was done in 1939 and donated by Picasso himself.

The art thieves broke into the museum through an emergency exit and took the Picasso and another unidentified work, Greek media outlets reported, citing police.

The second painting is by a famous Dutch artist, To Vima said, without providing details.

Some media outlets reported that a third less valuable work was also stolen from the museum.

The museum’s alarm was triggered and a security guard spotted a man running out of the building, police said.

The security guard noticed the paintings were missing and called police.

The National Gallery did not return a call from Efe and has only stated that its director, Marina Lambraki, would comment on the robbery later in the day.

The gallery’s collection mostly consists of Greek art from the 19th and 20th centuries.