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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 16, 2011

“Phosphophagia” Check Out the Spanish Food Show Serving Fluorescent Food

“Phosphophagia” Check Out the Spanish Food Show Serving Fluorescent Food

Photo: In the mood for eating some light?

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Michelin Star winner Jesús Sánchez and artist Alfonso Barragán have created a show where the fluorescent food is the light of the evening. 

“Phosphophagia”  or “the art of Eating Light” is a half art happening, half food-tasting extravaganza that has sparked the curiosity of Spaniards, who travel to Santander from all over to… eat some light.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a strange, dark, ambiance; a large art gallery room is pitch black except for the chef’s counter, constantly lit with the food he prepares, and TV screens hung high and hooked onto cameras documenting what happens in the gallery. Image

Very loud music makes it hard to communicate with each other but it is all part of the experience, as the artists behind it put it. “I’m not after the audience’s satisfaction. My only hope is for them to live through this experience and it stays in their memory. The important thing is not whether it was good or bad, but that it was memorable, and they crave to come back again”

Guests look, smell, participate and most importantly experience tasting phosphorescent foods like glittering sugar hearts, sparkling shots of gin inside plastic syringes, sticky twinkling pieces of meringue, and other iridescent hors d’oeuvres, deserts and beverages.

Audiences here complete the artwork, as eating the light and taking it home in their bellies, according with the chef and artist takes the whole piece to a new level “our art piece concludes when we go to the bathroom tomorrow, when we go to the bathroom. We are going to pee fluorescent” says Barragán.