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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 25, 2011

Many Pets Who Survived Brazil’s Rains & Mudslides Find New Homes and Lots of Attention

The death toll continues to climb in Brazil as a result of the torrential rains and mudslides, 809 and climbing.  In addition to human loss and property devastation approximately 500 pets died with another 300 living in shelters with their owners.

Several Brazilian animal protection organizations stepped up to help the other animals that did survive but were either left homeless because their owners died or were living on the streets of the now ruined Serrana region.

The organizations provided free veterinary care and sponsored an adoption fair resulting in 60 dogs and 40 cats finding new loving owners and homes to live in.  The fair was held in Rio De Janeiro and was well attended.  All animals adopted will continue to receive free vet care after their adoption from the dedicated vets who are volunteering their services.