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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 11, 2011

PETA Says No Free Puppy Promo to Cell Phone Carrier in Colombia

“Comcel,” the Colombian name of Carlos Slim’s “America Movil” Wireless carrier has cancelled plans to give out 200 pure bred puppies in a cell phone promotion, due to heavy pressure by the People for the Ethical Treatment of animals.

The Colombian cell phone company will raffle debit cards instead, as protesters said it was a great risk to give away living animals, to “unprepared guardians”

Since its beginning in November, the offer has been the focus of controversy; social network users condemned the initiative and urged Comcel to stop the raffle, even tough the phone company said the puppies were coming from a first rate shelter, and that participants were free to turn down a puppy if they couldn’t afford one.

They offered 200 puppies: 40 pugs, 40 beagles, 35 boxer, 35 shitzu and 50 retrievers.

“When people give animals as prizes, they usually don’t realize that they might be contributing to the animal homelessness crisis by condoning the breeding of pedigree pups,” PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch said in a statement.