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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Peru’s Civil War Victims WAIT

It has been five years since Peru agreed to compensate victims and their families for losses suffered in the country’s 20-year civil war from 1980 to 2000 and to date nothing has been received. 

There are approximately 76,000 registered victims of the counterinsurgency war with the Maoist Shining Path guerillas.  Those victims and surviving families have been waiting for compensation from a $7.1Million reparations fund.  There have been numerous committees established to identify victims and determine the amount of compensation and as victims wait many are aging and dying.

Members of President Alan Garcia’s administration recently announced that payments would begin in 2011 for an unspecified amount, this announcement came as many victims starting protesting.  To the great disappointment of many the President shortly thereafter put the reparation payments in limbo saying payments would be made only if public funds were available and no longer committed to a payment date.


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