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Latino Daily News

Monday April 9, 2012

Peru Mine Cave-In, 9 Miners Trapped Alive Since Saturday

Peru Mine Cave-In, 9 Miners Trapped Alive Since Saturday

Photo: Miners Trapped Peru

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Firefighters and rescue workers were working Saturday to rescue nine miners trapped inside a gold and copper mine in the southwestern Peruvian region of Ica, local media reported.

The miners are reportedly stranded in a shaft of the Cabeza de Negro mine, whose entrance caved in due to a landslide.

An official with Ica’s regional health department, Alberto Borja, told RPP radio that the miners are receiving oxygen and water through a tube and are in contact with rescue workers.

Firefighters, members of a National Police rescue unit and emergency management and regional government experts were involved Saturday in efforts to clear the entrance to the mine.

“Quite a lot of progress was made in the morning in the rescue effort but a new landslide complicated the mission,” Borja said.

Ica authorities have decided to hold a meeting to coordinate efforts to rescue the miners, who have been trapped since Thursday.

“During the meeting, we’ll evaluate what actions different sectors should take,” the Ica emergency management office’s provincial technical secretary, Erin Gomez, told the Andina official news agency, adding that the “situation is a bit complicated because the terrain where the mine is located is rough and rocky.”

He said a larger number of rescue workers are needed because “the few people providing assistance in the area are exhausted.”