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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Peru Leading the Way in the Plastic Waste Social Movement

Peru Leading the Way in the Plastic Waste Social Movement

Photo: Indiegogo

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Written by Contributor: Jon Stroshine

Plastic trash on a beach is a nuisance to many.  To David Katz and Peru it could be a revolution.

Katz has struck a deal to open a plastic recycling center in Peru that will help the country’s poor as well as the environment, according to Fast Company.

Dubbed the ‘Plastic Bank’ is where impoverished Peruvians will be able to turn in plastic trash they find in exchange for basic goods they need, or even custom-made items created by 3D printers.  Katz is partnering with Peruvian businessman Lorenzo Sousa, with a plan to have the first socially conscious Plastic Bank opened by April of next year.

“Knowing that the plastic came from a waterway and that it helps people out of poverty through its collection and reuse—that’s a strong story,” Katz told Fast Company.  According to Plastic Bank’s website, “The Plastic Bank will offer people both education and the opportunity to trade reusable plastics for credits,” a win win for everyone. 

Plastic Bank also hopes to make entrepreneurs out of the Peruvian plastic waste collectors by offering classes on how to create and manage your own Plastic Bank. 

Katz ever the entrepreneur himself is partnering with an unidentified “major corporation” to take the plastic waste and repurpose it into new products.  If you are interested in supporting this effort to harvest plastic waste to reduce poverty check out Plastic Bank’s Indiegogo’s fundraising page.


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