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Latino Daily News

Friday April 8, 2011

Perú Goes Dry in Prep For Presidential Elections

Perú Goes Dry in Prep For Presidential Elections

Photo: Perú under dry law for elections

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From midnight tonight, and until noon on Monday, Peruvians will not be able to purchase alcoholic beverages, in observance of the nation’s general elections this Sunday.

According to the current electoral legislation, bars, night-clubs, liquor stores and every establishment dedicated to the sale of alcohol will either have to close its doors, or simply not sell any kind of alcohol, as the fine for selling beer and spirits ascends the $650.

In addition to forbidding alcohol, the law also forbids political meetings and/or manifestations, as well as concerts and other shows, theatre presentations, movie theatres and religious meetings.

In the plus side,  the director of Citizen Civic Formation and Education of the National Elections Jury, Virgilio Hurtado told the press that voters “cannot be detained by any authority, for any reason, unless caught committing a felony”  through the election weekend.