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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 29, 2011

Perry Apologizes For Calling Those Opposed to In-state Tuition for Undocumented “Heartless” (VIDEO)

Perry Apologizes For Calling Those Opposed to In-state Tuition for Undocumented “Heartless” (VIDEO)

Photo: Perry backs off comment that those opposed to in-state tuition of undocumented are heartless

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In recent GOP presidential debates, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been lambasted by fellow Republicans for approving in-state tuition for the undocumented immigrants of his state. Last week, he fought back saying anyone that opposed to it “did not have a heart.” However, Wednesday, Gov. Perry apologized for the remarks saying he was “over-passionate.”

When asked about what he said during the Fox/Google debate, Gov. Perry told Newsmax, “I probably chose a poor word to explain that. For people who don’t want their state to be giving (in-state) tuition to…illegal immigrants that’s their call, and I respect that. I was probably a bit over-passionate about using that word, and it was inappropriate.”

He went on to say that the policy is not intended to be about immigration. “It was about education,” he said.

The Republican governor has also had to defend his position on the border fence. Gov. Perry has stated that putting a fence along all of the U.S.-Mexico border is too expensive and would likely be ineffective. He also points out the face violates the property rights of those who actually own the land the fence would be built on.

“In the metropolitan areas where the fencing actually can play a positive role, absolutely, but you have to have boots on the ground … having an obstacle without observation is no obstacle at all. So just the idea of building a fence and saying, ‘That will take care of it, let’s just build a fence,’ has never worked in the history of mankind.”

Though he has come under fire recently, he maintains that as the governor of a border state, he is best prepared to handle immigration issues.

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