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Latino Daily News

Friday August 12, 2011

‘People to People’ Travel Tours Start to Cuba

‘People to People’ Travel Tours Start to Cuba

Photo: Travel to Cuba Has Started

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On January 28th President Obama reinstated ‘people-to-people’  travel to Cuba and yesterday inaugural trips started leaving Miami.  Now everyday Americans can travel to the island nation if they are affiliated with a travel group promoting direct relations with the people of Cuba.

The people-to-people travel requirement only allows for trips where Americans engage Cuban people directly and “support their desire to freely determine their country’s future” and is simply not billed as tourism. 

The concept was developed under President Clinton but was shut down under President Bush in 2003 who saw these altruistic trips more as veiled tourism that only benefited the communist government.

Travel organizations that want to go Cuba with their groups must obtain a license from the state department and meet certain criteria.  Thus far many universities, cultural and religious institutions have planned trips many of which are sold out.  Costs varies but Insight Travel has a long weekend trip for $1,600 that doesn’t include airfare.