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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 29, 2011

Pele on World Cup- Brazil is Not Ready

“Brazil is not ready,” Pele said. “Not yet, it is not ready. The biggest problem, I think, is the organization, that is a big problem, so too is the communications”.

Pele spoke to ESPN Soccernet on Wednesday, the same day that Brazil’s sports minister Orlando Silva resigned amid corruption allegations. He is the sixth minister forced out of Rousseff’s government. Four of the others had also faced corruption allegations.

A government report recently published criticizes the lack of preparation in transportation, and stadium requirements.

Earlier this month former Brazil striker Romario, now a congressman, told Agencia Brasil, the government’s news agency: “Maybe because of politics, work which was supposed to be halfway done hasn’t even started.”

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke, has voiced his concerns on Brazils ability to be ready. ”The Maracana is definitely not currently a World Cup stadium and that’s why it’s closed. It will be ready at the last minute, a few months maybe, even a few weeks before the tournament if they don’t speed up the process.

Valcke believes one obstacle is that Brazil is too preoccupied with winning the competition, saying: “In South Africa the main goal was to show the world that Africa could organize a World Cup. In Brazil, in a way the main issue is to win it. Otherwise they will talk about failure.”