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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 8, 2011

Pedro Almodovar Thinks Antonio Banderas is “Perfect” for Antisocial Roles

Pedro Almodovar Thinks Antonio Banderas is “Perfect” for Antisocial Roles

Photo: Almodóvar and Banderas reunite for "The Skin That I Inhabit"

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Production has been wrapped up on the new project that sees Almodóvar and Banderas working together in more than a decade.

Spanish Auteur Pedro Almodóvar believes that Antonio Banderas is perfect for the role of an antisocial, and the reason why he chose him to portray Dr. Ledgard, the main character, a plastic surgeon on his latest film “The Skin That I Inhabit.”

“The moment Antonio Banderas walked into my office, it felt like we had just finished working on “Tie Me Up” (1990). I chose him because he is perfect for portraying an antisocial character: Antonio, at 50 years old knows perfectly well how to really own the role,” said Almodóvar.

Almodóvar also said that initially he thought of Penélope Cruz for the female lead role, but finally chose Elana Anaya.

“The Skin That I Inhabit” is based on the novel “Tarantula” by French author Thierry Jonquet, and tells the story of a plastic surgeon who wants to create a new type of skin, using advanced cellular therapy technology.

It has been my most challenging work to date” said Almodóvar “It is my debut in the horror genre […] there’s no screaming or massacres, the violence is psychological. It is a mixture of film noir, terror, sci-fi, but it does not respect the roules of either genre”

The film should be edited this summer, and surely out by September, with strong possibilities of participating in the next Sundance Festival.