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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 18, 2012

Pasadena City Council Passes Latino Heritage Month Resolution

Pasadena City Council Passes Latino Heritage Month Resolution

Photo: Pasadena Resolution for Hispanic Heritage Month

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In a historic vote, the Pasadena City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring that each year from September 15 through October 15, the City of Pasadena will celebrate Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month.

The resolution was first introduced by Stella Murga, spokesperson for the Pasadena Latino Coalition (PLC), a broad-based alliance of local nonprofit and grassroots civic organizations, with the support of diverse community groups at the October 1st council meeting.

The resolution comes at a significant time in the City’s history, as both the City Council and Pasadena Unified School District have worked to ensure fair representation of the area’s Latino population, and the increased recognition of the role Latinos have played in the history of Pasadena. “This resolution is a good way of recognizing and celebrating the many contributions Latinos have made and make everyday to this country and this city,” said Stella Murga.

This victory also comes on the eve of the Pasadena Latino Coalition’s first year anniversary. In 2011, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) convened a coalition of Pasadena organizations that serve the Latino community, and thus the PLC came to be. The Coalition has been meeting regularly for over a year to move PLC’s strategy forward, which is to seek social justice and fair representation for the Latino community in the greater Pasadena area.


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