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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 1, 2012

‘Parasitic’ Fetus found in 3 Year-Old Peruvian Boy’s Stomach (VIDEO)

‘Parasitic’ Fetus found in 3 Year-Old Peruvian Boy’s Stomach (VIDEO)

Photo: Parasitic Twin Found in Peru boy

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In the city of Chiclayo, a ‘parasitic’ fetus was extracted from the stomach of Isbac Pacunda, originally from the nearby Amazon region of Peru.  This fetus was removed by a team of 12 doctors at the Mercedes hospital in Chiclayo.  Doctors believe it is the fetus of a twin, which was absorbed in utero by the now 3-year-old boy. 

The fetus is known as a parasitic fetus because it was living off the blood supply of the little boy.

This rare condition, occurring in only one in every 500,000 births, caused Isbac’s stomach to inflate.  Doctors then discovered the partially developed male fetus weighing 1.2 kilos (2.6 lbs) and measuring 25 cm long, that included elements of eyes, bones and hair. 

The three-year-old began the nearly 4 hour operation Monday after completing a dietary treatment needed to help prevent health problems common among indigenous communities.

Tuesday morning, Isbac walked the halls of the hospital in good spirits.  His recovery however, will need to be monitored.  He will remain hospitalized for 10 days so that doctors can supervise his recuperation and provide him with the necessary medications to prevent possible infections. 

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