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Monday September 3, 2012

PARALYMPICS: Brazilian Takes Gold, Defeats “Blade Runner” in T44 200m Final (VIDEO)

PARALYMPICS: Brazilian Takes Gold, Defeats “Blade Runner” in T44 200m Final (VIDEO)

Photo: Oscar Pistorius (Left) and Alan Fonteles Oliveira (Right)

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Twenty year old Brazilian Alan Fonteles Oliveira won Gold last night during the T44 200 meters at the London Paralympic Game. 

In an event stacked with many well known Paralympians, one runner had garnered world attention in recent weeks.  South African Oscar Pistorius, a.k.a. “Blade Runner,” who competed in the Olympic games last month, was favored to win seeing as he won Gold at the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic games in the T44 200 meters race.

Pistorius was leading most of the race until Brazil’s Oliveira saw a speed boost in the final 80 meters.  Oliveira took first by less that less than a tenth of a second.

Of course the race is not without controversy.  The South African accused the International Paralympic Committee of creating an unlevel playing field by allowing athletes such as Brazil’s Oliveira to gain an unfair advantage by lengthening their running blades. 

Today, Pistorius released a statement saying “I would never want to detract from another athletes’ moment of triumph and I want to apologise for the timing of my comments after yesterday’s race.”

Pistorius and Oliveira will go head to head again during the 100m and 400m Men’s finals later this week.

Watch Oliveira’s win below: