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Latino Daily News

Monday December 5, 2011

Paraguayan Bishop Says Cell-Phones are “Tools of Sin”

Paraguayan Bishop Says Cell-Phones are “Tools of Sin”

Photo: Bishop Said Cell Phones are "Tools of Sin"

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Paraguayan Catholic bishop Claudio Silvero said 40% of Catholic families suffer because of the bad use of mobile devices and the internet, “accursed tools of sin”.

Bishop Claudio Silvero denounced the use of cell-phones and the internet in a homily last week at the shrine of Caacupe, 32 miles east of Asuncion.

According to the bishop, “phones ease access to pornography and aid in “inappropriate relations.”

The Paraguayan bishop considers it is the Church’s responsibility to “warn and educate” parishioners about the dangers of these devices, a position not necessarily shared by the Vatican, with a handful of apps to their name, and always trying to up their presence in social networks.

Bishop Claudio Silvero Says Cell Phones are Tools of Sin Juan Laverde hs-news