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Latino Daily News

Monday December 19, 2011

Paraguay to Spends Millions to Improve Agricultural Productivity

Paraguay to Spends Millions to Improve Agricultural Productivity

Photo: Paraguay Investing Millions for Land Rights System

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $25 million loan for a program to improve agricultural productivity in Paraguay by increasing security of property ownership.

The objective of the Cadastre and Property Registry Program II is to increase agricultural productivity in nine districts by 9 percent, improve the value of property values in these districts by 9 percent, and consolidate and standardize information on 543,000 farms in the Cadastre and Registry Information System (SICAR).It also aims to increase from zero to 60 percent the percentage of the country’s land area with rural cadastral mapping and formalize land titling and registration in 79 colonies of the National Rural and Land Development Institute (INDERT).

“This program is very important for providing continuity to the process of regularization of land tenure, which is essential for increasing agricultural investment and production in an agricultural exporting country such as Paraguay,” said Gonzalo Muñoz, IDB project team leaders.

The program will strengthen the implementation of a cadastral management, formalization, and land registration system that is accessible, comprehensive, efficient, reliable, and continuously updated.It will deepen the process of modernization of the cadastre and land registry, promote formalized land ownership, and create and strengthen the National Cadastre Registry.