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Latino Daily News

Monday December 12, 2011

Paraguay to Improve Employment Opportunties for Its Women and Youth

Paraguay to Improve Employment Opportunties for Its Women and Youth

Photo: Paraguay Youth to Get Goverment Support

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a loan for $5 million to support Paraguay’s efforts to expand the coverage and effectiveness of its employment programs as a means to improve labor productivity and employment. The program will provide new forms of training to youths, half of whom are expected to be women.

The operation will finance improvements in the capacity of the General Employment Office (DGE, after its initials in Spanish) of the Ministry of Justice and Labor to provide orientation, training, and placement services through a one-stop-shop facility. The program will assist some 17,800 people during its five-year implementation period. After that, additional people will continue to benefit from the new facilities and trained staff.

The program seeks to increase job placement rates in formal employment by 10 percent and raise hourly wages of participating workers by 7 percent over that of a control group that finds employment through other means.

Investments will be made in infrastructure, furniture and equipment, information systems, and improvements in the DGE’s capacity to provide services.The program will create new approaches for training a target population in a defined geographic area that will include quality control mechanisms for managing, monitoring, and evaluating results.