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Friday July 15, 2011

Paraguay to Conduct Housing & Population Census

Paraguay to Conduct Housing & Population Census

Photo: Paraguay to Take Census

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Paraguay’s 2012 National Population and Housing Census will be carried out with the help of a $12.5 million financing package from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

By updating the country’s socio-demographic statistics, the census will contribute to generate improved public policy and the development of the National Statistical System (SEN). All public agencies that collect, process, organize, and disseminate statistical information contribute to the SEN.

New features for the 2012 Census will include:

*  A four-to-six-week census of people who habitually live in a residence―not just those present at the moment the census is conducted― to help design welfare programs.

*  Systems to help ensure consistency, validity, and computerized coding of data.

*  The use of electronic devices that capture and transmit field data, instead of paper questionnaires.

*  Better paid and trained census takers.

*  Inclusion of emerging issues such as international immigration and emigration, disabilities, and use of technology.

In addition, the project will help to improve the coverage, quality, and timeliness of the census, and will include the entire cycle of the census process, from preto post census activities.