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Latino Daily News

Monday September 16, 2013

Panama Will be Home to Central America’s First Subway

Panama Will be Home to Central America’s First Subway

Photo: Metro de Panama

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Panama is getting ready to debut Central America’s first subway system in the capital city of Panama City.  President Ricardo Martinelli and several members of his cabinet recently went for a ride in preparation of an official launch at the end of 2013.

The subway lines will help the capital city alleviate chronic congestion and bottleneck traffic.  It is estimated 1.5 million people will benefit from using the subway.  The system will launch with a capacity to take 15,000 passengers an hour to their destination.  Eventually the system will be able to handle 40,000 passengers an hours.

The “Metro de Panama” project is estimated to have cost $1.8 billion.

This is Latin America’s ninth subway but Central America’s first.  The construction of this historic venture was made possible through a Brazil, French and Spanish consortium.