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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 1, 2014

Panama Authorities Break Up Money Laundering Ring, Seize Thousands in Cash

The Panamanian police seized $167,170 in cash and a 9 mm pistol from four people arrested on suspicion of money laundering, authorities said Thursday.

The arrests were made early Wednesday morning in the capital’s northern Las Cumbres sector, according to a communique released by the DIJ investigative agency.

After investigating the possibility of a criminal organization operating in Las Cumbres, one of the DIJ units - along with prosecutors - raided a residence, the document said.

At the site, authorities arrested four suspects, who were not identified although one was a woman, and confiscated the gun, ammunition and a bulletproof vest.

In addition, four vehicles were seized and, in the doors of one of them, officers found a hidden compartment from which they removed cash totaling $167,170 in denominations of $10 and $20.

Prosecutors and the DIJ “are continuing the investigation into this case, while the evidence collected and the people arrested are being kept in a safe place (pending) their ... trial,” the statement said.


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