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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 23, 2010

Pacquiao Dodges Marquez to Fight Mosley on May 7 in Vegas

Pacquiao Dodges Marquez to Fight Mosley on May 7 in Vegas

Photo: Manny Pacquiao Juan Marquez

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Despite Pressure to have Mexican Champ Marquez as Manny Pacquiao next opponent, Promoter Bob Arum has announced that the fight will be against Shane Mosley on May 7th in Las Vegas.

“[Mosley] is a very recognizable name, and it’s a difficult fight for him,” said Promoter Bob Arum, who met with Pacquiao in the Philippines last week. “People are also saying, ‘Well, why hasn’t he fought an African-American fighter?’ He’s doing that, but mostly it’s because Mosley is the biggest name.”

Pacquiao has fought Mexican champ Juan Manuel Marquez twice before resulting in a draw in 2004, and a split decision in 2008. Both fights were very exciting and have left fans wanting a determining match- not withstanding that, Marquez has been asking for a rematch since moments after the second fight ended.

Promoters worry that they will have trouble selling a fight against the 39-year-old Mosley who has not had a victory in 2 ½ years.

Mosley has had a falling out with the organization “Golden Boys” of which he is a founding partner over the decision. Mosley is angry that the organization was pushing Marquez to be Pacquiao’s next opponenet.

Pacquiao also considered a super bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. It is unlikely now because of the Mayweather family’s various legal troubles.