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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Pablo Escobar’s Girlfriend Arrested for Drug Smuggling

Chilean police arrested a girlfriend of late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (1949-1993) on suspicion of running a group that smuggled drugs into the country from neighboring Bolivia and Peru.

Magaly Cueto Melgar, a 51-year-old Bolivian national, was apprehended in possession of 550 grams of cocaine.

The online edition of La Segunda newspaper cited Santiago chief prosecutor Raul Guzman as saying that Cueto also had 159 kilos of marijuana stashed at a location in the northern town of Alto Hospicio.

Since 1992, Guzman told reporters, Cueto has served a total of 14 years in Chilean prisons on drug-related convictions. As a repeat offender, she faces a minimum sentence of 15 years if found guilty of the latest charges, the prosecutor said.

Cueto has used false passports to travel to and from Chile for more than two decades, Guzman said.


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