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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 26, 2012

Pablo Azar Pleads for Improved Living Conditions for Diego the Lion

Pablo Azar Pleads for Improved Living Conditions for Diego the Lion

Photo: Diego the Lion at the Zacango Zoo

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After viewing video footage and photos of Diego, the suffering young lion confined alone to a barren enclosure in Mexico’s Zacango Zoo, Mexico City–born El Talismán star Pablo Azar has fired off a letter on PETA’s behalf to local and national wildlife officials to ask them to expedite Diego’s relocation to a U.S. sanctuary that is standing by to accept him. There, he would be afforded room to roam and get to enjoy the company of other big cats.

“As a proud native of Mexico and someone who cherishes my home country, I was saddened to learn from my friends at PETA that a young lion named Diego is . . . held captive in a chain-link and cement cage,” writes Azar. “Diego’s life has no enrichment, and he paces back and forth in his tiny space, making it clear that he is losing his mind in this unnatural situation.” Concludes Azar, “Please do the compassionate thing and see to it that Diego is transported to the United States as soon as possible so that he does not have to suffer another day.”

Azar joins a growing list of celebrities—including Kate del Castillo, Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Wilmer Valderrama, and Natalia Villaveces—who have teamed up with PETA to promote compassion for animals.

Read Pablo Azar’s letter to Mexican wildlife officials (in Spanish) here