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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 14, 2011

Owl Kicking Panamanian Fined for Kicking Opponent (VIDEO)

Owl Kicking Panamanian Fined for Kicking Opponent  (VIDEO)

Photo: Luis Moreno Kicking Andrés Escobar

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Luis Moreno seems to get a kick out of kicking; an owl, an opponent…what’s next, the ball for a change?

The cleat-slinging Moreno, a defenseman for the Deportivo Pereira was fined with $624,855 Colombian pesos (Just under US$350) for kicking Deportivo Cali’s Andrés Escobar in the abdomen while he was in the ground.

“That one is a bandit, disguised as a soccer player,” said a Colombian live TV commentator not once but twice, after seeing the foul. 

In addition to the fine, Moreno has been sanctioned, and won’t be able to play the next seven games.