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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Owl Kicked by Colombian Soccer Player Dies

Owl Kicked by Colombian Soccer Player Dies

Photo: Owl Gets Kicked At Soccer Game and Dies

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A defense player for the Pereira team kicked the animal off the field over the weekend, an aggression from which the bird never recovered.

At 2:57 Tuesday morning, the owl died after reportedly being in shock.

The player, Moreno, has apologized, and is allegedly distraught by the whole incident; Moreno had never seen an owl before, and felt intimidated by it. In the heat of the game, losing, he says he didn’t think about removing the bird from the court with tenderness.

“[My kids] are in Panamá, they must have already seen the images, I haven’t called them, for I don’t know what I’ll tell them” said a mortified Moreno.

Moreno said he will accept any sanctions, and has visited the local zoo, where he committed to volunteer once a month, and learn more about the birds.

“I came [to the zoo] to learn more about owls. I’m very sad for what happened and I hope that people don’t ever repeat my behavior, since it has no justification,” Moreno said.