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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 30, 2010

OVERNIGHT NEWS IN MEXICO:  Female Police Chief Killed in Mexico (VIDEO)

Mexican authorities in Chihuahua are reporting that one of a handful of female police chief’s in Mexico has been gunned down Monday.  Hermila Garcia Baeza was the police chief of the north city of Meoqui, a town of 21,000.

She was apparently ambushed on her way to work on a local highway, authorities are reporting.  It is suspected gunmen employed by drug traffickers killed her.

Garcia Baeza was a formally trained lawyer who was in charge of a 90-unit police force that is located approximately 43 miles from the state capital of Chihuahua city. The state of Chihuahua, that borders Texas, has three other female police chief, including 20-year old Marisol Valles. 

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