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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 1, 2010

OVERNIGHT IN MEXICO:  Illegal Immigrant Sweep Nets 125 Central Americans

Mexico‚Äôs National Migration Institute (INM) is reporting that an immigration sweep in Oaxaca has netted 125 illegal aliens mostly Central Americans.  The illegal immigrants were located in train cars and it is assumed they were traveling through Mexico to enter the U.S.

The majority were male with 15 women and 8 children arrested.  The migrants have been taken to immigration holding facilities for repatriation to their country of origin.  100 of the individuals were from Guatemala, 11 from El Salvador, 13 from Honduras and one from Nepal.

Mexico has been cracking down on illegal immigration to avert them from becoming victim of traffickers or kidnappers.  It is estimated 300,000 Central Americans cross Mexico annually to reach the U.S.