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Latino Daily News

Monday March 7, 2011

Over Weekend 8 Guatemalan Women Murdered in 24 Hrs,  127 Females Killed thus Far in 2011

To add to an already shocking statistic, 127 women murdered thus far in 2011 in Guatemala, another 8 women were killed in a 24-hour period this weekend.

At least 8 women were killed in this Central American country from Saturday through Sunday and four of them were minors.  According to police reports four teenage girls aged 14 through 17 years old were shot on Saturday throughout the capital city of Guatemala City.

All four girls were shot to death and no one was being held for the crime.  In another part of the country a 43 year old woman, Odilia Vasquez and her 23 year old daughter were found shot by unknown assailants. While Lesbia Hernandez was shot to death in the course of an armed robbery.

Of the 127 killings of women in the country the majority remain unresolved.