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Latino Daily News

Friday July 5, 2013

Over 70 Women Rescued in Mexico City from Sex-Slave Ring

Mexican authorities have busted up a sex-slave ring operating out of a popular Mexico City strip club freeing 74 women held against their will.

The sex slaves were found to be working at a ‘high class’ strip club, hotels and parking lots servicing customers.  The majority of women rescued were Mexican national and 19 were foreign-born. 

Arrests were made at the Cadillac Strip Club and a Mexico City hotel allegedly were four prostitution rings were operating.  The Cadillac is located in the affluent area of Polanco in Mexico City.

14 individuals were arrested and charged with human trafficking and sexual exploitation associated with the Cadillac Strip Club.  Another 26 suspects were held, implicated in running prostitution rings with the sex slaves out of a downtown Mexico City hotel.

Human trafficking in Mexico as of last year is a federal crime.

The victims, that reportedly included minors, were forced to hand over their earnings to the men.  If the girls did not pay or did not earn enough they were thrown out on the street with no resources.