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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 9, 2012

Over 300 Pounds of Cocaine Seized Near Northern Coast of Puerto Rico

Over 300 Pounds of Cocaine Seized Near Northern Coast of Puerto Rico

Photo: Cocaine Filled Yola

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Caribbean Border Interagency Group (CBIG) law enforcement authorities, working in support of the Caribbean Corridor Strike Force (CCSF), arrested 2 smugglers, seizing a boat and a drug shipment of approximately 154 kilos (339.5 pounds) of cocaine during a maritime interdiction early Friday evening off the northern coast of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

The estimated street value is over $3.7 million.

Near midnight Thursday evening, a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) marine patrol aircraft detected a suspicious22’ single-engine “yola” type vessel traveling east without navigational lights about 10 nautical miles north off the coast of Dorado, Puerto Rico.

The CBP marine patrol aircraft contacted Puerto Rico Police Department Joint Forces of Rapid Action (FURA, for its Spanish Acronym) marine units, patrolling with a CBP Border Patrol agent onboard, to interdict the suspect vessel.

Upon noticing their detection the individuals on the suspect vessel started to throw bales to the water, landing in a beach near Dorado.

CBP Border Patrol Agents and FURA Police agents searched the Dorado beach and arrested 2 individuals, who claimed to be citizens of the Dominican Republic.

A FURA Police marine unit recovered 6 bales containing an undetermined number of bricks of suspected narcotics. A field test proved positive for cocaine.

This is the second incident near the coast of Dorado in a 30 day period where Federal and State authorities prevent a smuggling event. On the evening hours of Thursday April 12, CBIG law enforcement arrested six Dominican smugglers and seized 322 pounds of cocaine and 19 pounds of heroin off the northern coast of Dorado, Puerto Rico.