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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 17, 2013

Over 200 Stingrays Found Dead on Mexican Beach

Over 200 Stingrays Found Dead on Mexican Beach

Photo: Dead Stingray Ursulo Galvan, Mexico

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Authorities from the Mexican state of Veracruz are reporting a grizzly find on the Chachalacas beach – 250 dead stingrays.

The beach is located in the town of Ursulo Galvan where fishing is a major livelihood.  And it is those very fisherman that locals are blaming for the dumping of the dead stingrays.  Witnesses say they say fishermen dumping the stingrays from their nets.

It is suspected the fisherman were not able to obtain a good market price for them.  Stingray is a popular part of the Veracruzano cuisine.

Vera Cruz officials have called in the National Fisheries Commission (Conapesca) and PROfepa (Mexico’s EPA) to investigate.  There is also the possibility the stingray were sick and came to die on the beach.  Both agencies will investigate if fishermen overfished the stingray population and poached more than is legally allowed.