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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 21, 2011

Outrage Over “Hot Latina Lottery” in Spain (VIDEO)

Outrage Over “Hot Latina Lottery” in Spain (VIDEO)

Photo: Latina Raffle

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Police are investigating a series of flyers announcing a January 6, 2012 raffle that offered a night at a hotel with a not Latina girl, and a bottle of whiskey to top off the experience.

Tickets for the raffle could be purchased for US$25 at local establishments including the neighborhood market and local disco all in the region of Cantabria.

The raffle was cancelled after local women advocacy organizations complained about the raffle flyers, featuring a half-naked Latina.

A business owner told authorities that whoever organized the raffle was planning to take the winner to a local brothel and treat him to his/her pick of an available hot Latina.

The people selling the tickets told police they have nothing to do with the raffle, and that they don’t know whether the girl in the picture is over the age of 18, or even real.