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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Oscar Sanchez and the CLEAN Carwash Campaign

AFL-CIO has released a video which follows the story of Oscar Sanchez, a car wash worker in California who recently won a union and healthcare access. With the help of United Steelworkers, the Clean Carwash Campaign was launched to organize and assist employees at Los Angeles car washes. Prior to the campaign many of the employees were working long hours and often suffering from chronic diseases or environmental health conditions.  These workers continued to work, even while sick, in order to not lose their jobs.

Now car wash workers have a union contract that improves their working conditions and can benefit from health care thanks to United Steelworkers.  The union became the health care provider for workers who previously were unable to visit clinics.  The success of the campaign will ultimately have a great impact on both the car wash workers’ community and other workers looking to unionize. Sanchez states in the video that he can bring his enthusiasm to fellow workers, and that the campaign can work for other others as well.

The AFL-CIO video can be seen below.

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