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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Oscar-Nominated Director Set to Debut Film Featuring Opus Dei Founder St. Josemaria Escrivá

Renown Hollywood director, Roland Joffé, is debuting a new movie this spring “There be Dragons” with the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaria Escrivá as one of the central characters. 

The movie is set during the Spanish Civil War and will debut this spring, 2011 75 years since the outbreak of the war.  The story weaves themes of war, love, saintliness with fictional characters created by Mr. Joffé.

However, there is already controversy since the projected was initiated by an Opus Dei member and partially financed by the religious order’s members and there was an Opus Dei priest on set consulting the director.  So is this Opus Dei propaganda or a Hollywood blockbuster, like those Joffé directed in the past:  “The Mission” and “The Killing Fields”?

Joffé insists that he had creative control of the film shot in Argentina.  And defended his work by his interest in the type of person Escrivá was.” I was struck by Josemaría’s statement that God is found in ‘everyday life,’ and that everyday life, in his case, was the Spanish Civil War,” says Joffé, who describes himself as “not religious.”

The movie trailer is haunting and shows the incredible talent of the twice-nominated director.

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