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Latino Daily News

Monday August 22, 2011

Oscar Leads Brazil to Under-20 World Cup Title (VIDEO)

Oscar Leads Brazil to  Under-20 World Cup Title (VIDEO)

Photo: Oscar Takes Brazil to the Top!

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The U-20 Soccer World Cup in Colombia ended over the weekend with a spectacular match between the only two teams that speak Portuguese.  The man in the 11 jersey, a 19-year old midfielder, scored all three goals in the carioca team’s victory over Portugal at Colombia’s U-20 World Cup.

It was a formidable match, even, surprising and nail biting to the very end.

Both teams gave it their best, and if Brazil won, it is because their player with the 11 jersey—Oscar Dos Santos, was inspired or blessed or both and scored in the final the three spectacular goals that eluded him throughout the 3 and a half week long tournament.  The player only goes by the name of Oscar. 

Alex and Nelson Oliveira scored for the Portuguese team, who were seeking their third title.

This is the fifth time Brazil wins the U-20 World Cup, and with this win comes closer to six-time winner Argentina.

Watch all three of Oscar’s goals below, and come to our forums section, where we’ll be talking about how great was the first world cup played in Colombia!