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Latino Daily News

Monday December 20, 2010

Oprah Celebrates the end of her Aussie Tour With a Mexican Party… In Australia?

Oprah Winfrey spent all of last week helping to sell Australia to the world as the ginormous island is looking for new ways to recover from a sharp fall in tourism.

ImageTo illustrate the current situation of tourism, Hugh Jackman performed a sharp fall onto the stage at the Sydney Opera House where the show was taped. Rusell Crowe, Jay Z, Nicole Kidman and husband Nick Urban made appearances in the show, and last weekend, after all the hullabaloo of taping a show in the other side of the globe,  a good friend of Oprah’s—Megan Castran threw a party in her honor.

That’s when things started going a bit twilight zone, When in Rome, do as the Romans. But in Australia, do as the Mexicans; what’s the best way to celebrate a VIP in Australia?

A Mexican party.  More precisely, a ‘Taco Party.’ Complete with piñatas, guacamole, tacos, sombreros and the two bottles of Partida tequila that Oprah showed up with.

Ever since this whole Australia tour deal, we’ve been dying to photoshop Oprah inside the pouch of a kangaroo, or a kangaroo inside Oprah’s mouth since she said “I have named myself the unofficial ambassador for Australia and I have the biggest mouth on earth,” last Tuesday to a crowd gathered in Sydney.

But fortunately for us, we didn’t have to photoshop absolutely anything.

Below, the delightfully bizarre dessert at the taco party:


Yes, that is a Oprah-riding-a-kangaroo-riding-a-pumpkin cake. Ornamented with three jalapeños, three olives, some garlic cloves and a miniature boomerang.

Que güey, mate.