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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 9, 2011

OPINION:  Latino Group Weighs in on Univision Boycott by Republican Candidates

OPINION:  Latino Group Weighs in on Univision Boycott by Republican Candidates

Photo: Marco Rubio and Univision Boycott

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Opinion Posted by ‘Somos Republicans’ a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization in the nation in terms of their leadership on immigration reform.  They submitted the following opinion on the proposed boycott of Univision by most of the Republican presidential candidates:

Republican Presidential candidates are committing political suicide with Latino voters in the entire southwest.  Former two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson seems to be the only candidate not willing to boycott the largest Spanish network in our nation—UNIVISION.  Asking UNIVISION to reverse exposing Sen. Marco Rubio’s hypocrisy would be like asking Cubanos in Florida to boycott the Cuban Adjustment Act.  Over the past few months, UNIVISION has been exposing Rubio’s hypocrisy with regard to immigration and drugs.

The GOP Candidates are cutting off their noses to spite their faces with their ideas of boycotting UNIVISION because UNIVISION is the largest Spanish network in the country.  GOPers are limiting themselves to a small Floridian electorate when looking at the big Latin picture and as you take a look at where most Hispanics reside.  GOP Candidates are risking the entire southwest for the one state of Florida even though most of the Latin growth comes from the southwest – not Florida.

GOP candidates cannot appease the TEA PARTY and Latinos at the same time, particularly when many within the Tea Party (such as Sen. Marco Rubio) have supported harsh anti-immigrant laws.  The only way out of this toxic mess is for Republicans to address the broken immigration system with a free market solution in which they claim to stand for.  This further demonstrates to me how fearful all GOP Presidential candidates are of the immigration issue except for the former New Mexico Governor – Gary Johnson.

GOP Candidates must learn that Rubio created a wedge between Cuban and Mexican relations when he supported Arizona’s harsh law and voiced against the DREAM Act.  Rubio has been disingenuous in claiming he is against “amnesty” while his own Floridian and Cuban immigrants have benefited from Cuban amnesty as well as tax payer government funded benefits once their foot touches dry American soil.

Those of Mexican descent are not asking for government benefits, they are simply asking for a reasonable solution to the broken immigration system.