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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 1, 2010

Open Letter from Eva Longoria-Parker on National Museum of the American Latino

Dear Friends,

As we near Hispanic Heritage Month and prepare to honor Latinos across our community, both locally and nationally, I invite you to join me in a historic effort to memorialize the role of Latinos in the U.S. by supporting the work of the National Museum of the American Latino Commission.

Latinos are woven into the fabric of America and all Americans benefit from a greater understanding of Latino contributions throughout our history. We’ll be submitting a report to Congress and the President on our efforts and we need to hear your voices. Tell us if you support this museum and its placement on the National Mall.

The National Museum of the American Latino Commission has heard from thousands of Americans. Now we want to hear from you.

Here are three things you can do right now to show your support:

1. Become a Fan on Facebook. It’s easy, all you have to do is click here and go to our Facebook page and click the like button.

2. Tell 5 friends. It is important this message gets out to as many people as possible. Forward this email to 5 friends today or click here to send them an email just like this one from me.

3. Tell Us What You Think. Fill out the survey and tell us why you think this is so critically important to you.

Thank you for signing up and spreading the word to your friends and loved ones.

Eva Longoria-Parker