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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 27, 2010

Ongoing Brazil Slum Violence Leaves 25 Dead as Police Clash with Drug Gangs

A week long clash between Brazilian police and drug gangs of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas “slums” has resulted in 25 dead and 188 arrests.  The violence erupted when drug gang members being transferred from local prisons to federal facilities ordered the uprising.  Police entered the favelas after local gangs under orders stopped cars and buses robbing them and causing general chaos in the area. 

Brazilian authorities sent 800 soldiers, tanks, weapons and night-vision goggles to help local authorities combat the gun fighting.  At least 47 public schools within the 17 Rio slums were ordered closed until order could be restored.  In all 17,500 state police have been deployed to bring order.

Crime and drug violence in Rio’s favelas has been an on going concern as the country prepares to host two high profile international events: the 2014 World Cup tournament and the 2016 Summer Olympics.