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Thursday June 2, 2011

‘One Nation’ Sarah Palin Disses DREAM Act at the Footsteps of Ellis Island (VIDEO)

‘One Nation’ Sarah Palin Disses DREAM Act at the Footsteps of Ellis Island (VIDEO)

Photo: Sarah Palin "One Nation" on DREAM Act

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Sarah Pallin’s ‘One Nation’ bus tour or Alaska’s version of RV travel with out a map, stopped in New York at the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island.  As she continues to proclaim this traveling fiasco is not political or presidential she did make time to diss DREAMers and the DREAM Act.

When she appeared to casually stop by a group of reporters at Ellis Island she explained her visit to Lady Liberty in the following way: “It’s one of the symbols of course of our country, and it’s a reminder too that immigrants built this country.”  “So we want to make sure that we’re highlighting that on our bus tour, maybe so that the present day immigrants know how much we appreciate them and their work ethic, and their love of country and freedom.”

Who knew that immigrants needed a poorly organized, self-aggrandizing bus tour to let them know they are appreciated.  Gracias.

When asked by a Fox NY reporter about the DREAM Act she used the opportunity to diss the DREAMer students as ‘usurping’ the law and inferring that they don’t work hard, supply revenue and only defined them in terms of law breaking. 

“And unfortunately, the DREAM Act kind of usurps that-the system that is a legal system to make sure that immigrants who want to be here legally, working hard, producing and supplying revenue and resources for their families, that they’re able to do that right and legally. Unfortunately, the DREAM Act doesn’t accomplish that.”

Watch and partake: 

Sarah Palin In Jersey City: MyFoxNY.com