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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 23, 2010

On Global Scale Venezuelans and Germans Lead in Beer Consumption Followed by Mexicans

Per capita beer consumption in Peru has increased from 20 liters in 2000 to 39 liters this year, the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (IEES) of the National Society of Industries (SNI) reported.

According to the beer-making industry report, published annually by the IEES, the growth was ascribed to higher consumption among people with high purchasing power.

Despite the increase, the report showed that Peru’s per capita beer consumption is still lower than that of a number of Latin American countries.

Venezuelans consume 100 liters of beer annually, Mexicans 61 liters, Brazilians 57 liters, and Argentines 44 liters.

On a global scale, Germans drink 105 liters of beer per capita, Irish 99 liters, Australians 85 liters, and U.S. citizens 83 liters.