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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 20, 2011

Nebraska State Senator Introduces New Take on Immigration

Nebraska State Senator Introduces New Take on Immigration

Photo: Brenda Council

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Omaha state lawmaker Brenda Council has introduced a new measure that would make immigration a federal issue rather than a state concern.

State Sen. Brenda Council introduced legislation this Tuesday that calls for immigration to be a federal matter and therefore subject to federal policy issue between the United States and other countries.  She argued that the federal government should be monitoring immigration cases, no individual states. 

The motion refers to a state immigration system that “separates Nebraska families, destabilizes communities and creates uncertainty, inefficiency and an uneven playing field for Nebraska’s businesses and economy.”

This proposal is in sharp contrast to Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen’s bill that would enforce a requirement upon police officers to check the immigration status of suspects when enforcing other laws.  It would also require all immigrants to carry documents showing the legality of their stay in the country.