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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Olympic 2012 Basketball Players Busy Giving Crotch Shots

Olympic 2012 Basketball Players Busy Giving Crotch Shots

Photo: London 2012 Basketball: Facundo Campazzo

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First Team USA Basketballer Carmelo Anthony took one for the team on the groin and now we hear Spain took one from a player on the French team. 

What is going on?

Critics and there are many are asking if that is how basketball is played in Latin America, since they started this nasty practice.

Basketball in Latin America or Spain does not enjoy the fame or fortune it does in the U.S.  Soccer is the preferred TV watching pastime and where the big sporting dollars are.

Latin America has two teams playing in the London 2012 Basketball competition: Argentina and Brazil.  While the European continent has four teams that include Spain. 

Monday’s basketball game saw U.S. play Argentina and it was a dirty game with a lot of elbowing and shoving allegations coming from both sides.  The Argentines accused Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, of punching Facundo Campazzo and Campazzo was accused of elbowing Anthony in the groin and not apologizing.

The final score was 126-97 in U.S.A’s favor.

Today audiences saw France’s Nic Batum give a crotch-shot to Spain’s Juan Carlos Navarro.  Batum isn’t saying if he learned his moves from Argentina’s Campazzo.

GIF: Nic Batum just punched Juan Carlos Navarro in the crotch… on Twitpic

Campazzo does not play for a U.S. professional team but rather for the country’s national team.  Only 5 players on the Argentina roster play for the NBA while the entire U.S. team is in the NBA.  Brazil has four professional NBA players on its roster.

Maybe the big boys from the U.S. are use to being treated with more reverence since they are valuable assets to the NBA.

The U.S. is expected to win the gold which could be why others are trying to elbow their way to the top and avoid the inevitable.