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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Only in Texas: Old Mexican Joint Turned Into ‘Fat Ho’ Burger Joint

Now available in Waco, for all of y’all crazy Texans: the epic Supa Fly Ho Wit Cheese, and much, much more.

23 year-old Lakita Evans is the owner of this picturesque once-a-Mexican-joint hamburger place, famous for their ho’s.

Evans, who was heavily criticized by locals for her colorful name choice, calls the burgers and sandwiches she sells “ho’s.”Image

ImageFat Ho’s offers a variety of fast food staples like the Supa Fly Ho Wit Cheese, the Sloppy Ho Brisket and the Fat Chicken Ho. She even has Tiny Ho Meals, specially for the kids. 

Most items range between $3-$4, with the most expensive item being the ho rib meal, complete with ranch-style beans and mash for $11, and the cheapest anything from the dollar menu.

Who would ever want Texas to secede??