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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 17, 2011

ODD NEWS: River in Costa Rica Disappears Due to Earthquake

ODD NEWS: River in Costa Rica Disappears Due to Earthquake

Photo: Guacalito River disappears in Costa Rica after Earthquake

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This week Costa Rica experienced several moderate earthquakes with thousands of after shocks, which is not usual for this Central American nation.  What is usual is a river, the Guacalito River located near Armenia de Upala, simply disappeared and turned into a muddy mess.

The government is investigating if the river disappeared into some kind of sink hole or if the earth’s rattling dried the river up.  Either way it is very usual for this to happened say experts.  The US Geological Survey confirmed that there were three earthquakes on July 12th, measuring 5.0, 5.1 and 5.6 in magnitude, which are considered moderate

Most recently, in February, a 6.3 New Zealand earthquake made a 36 million liter water reservoir disappear. 

The villagers who use the Guacalito River for fishing and transportation reported the missing river to government authorities.  The river is near the Nicaragua-Costa Rican border and by the Miravalles volcano.