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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Obama Launches Second Set of Spanish Radio and TV Ads

Obama Launches Second Set of Spanish Radio and TV Ads

Photo: Obama Latino Voter Outreach

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Obama for America today released the second in a series of Spanish language television and radio ads highlighting the President’s record on issues of particular importance to the Hispanic community.

The ads feature first person accounts from Obama for America organizers and supporters sharing their personal stories of how the President’s policies have empowered Latino families and communities.

The ads, which will air in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, feature Latino organizers and community members about their support for President Obama and sharing the Presidents healthcare accomplishments.

Meanwhile presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney has to find out how to answer Obama’s label ‘as most extreme presidential canidate in modern history on immigration.’ 

The President’s campaign noted that Romeny has “promised to veto the DREAM Act, thinks all undocumented immigrants should self-deport, has called the anti-immigrant AZ law a ‘model’ for the nation and has paraded around the country with the nation’s leading anti-immigrant voices.  Mitt Romney has decided to be the most extreme presidential candidate on immigration; Hispanics and all Americans have heard it loud and clear.”