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Latino Daily News

Monday September 26, 2011

Obama Launches “Operation Vote” to Gain Hispanic, Minority Vote

With the 2012 Presidential Election just around the corner, the Washington Post is reporting that President Obama, in hopes of increasing support from ethnic minority voters and core liberals, is launching “Operation Vote”, which will draw the expertise of a number of minority point people for his reelection campaign.

The focus of Operation Vote is to study ethnic minorities and liberals to best address them during the campaign. Earlier this month, a longtime Jewish political activist was hired to be the point person in the Jewish community for the president’s campaign. President Obama’s approval rating among Jewish voters has dropped to 45 percent, down from 57 percent last year.

Though Operation Vote is being pegged as an “I don’t care about you” campaign to white voters, its overall purpose appears to be to increase voting among communities with lower voter turnout while also garnering more liberal votes.

What has many upset, is the fact that he had previously spoke of uniting voters (Republican, Democrat, etc), but Operation Vote now has him looking more specifically to Democrats for support in the upcoming election.

The volunteer-based program will primarily work out of Chicago with ethnically and religiously diverse volunteers targeting Hispanic, Jewish, senior, young adult, gay, Asian American, and black voters through online marketing and other media outlets.