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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 23, 2011

Obama Establishes New Federal Research Center for Medicines

Obama Establishes New Federal Research Center for Medicines

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The Obama administration concerned by the cutting back on research by large drug manufacturers has created a new Federal Research Center.  The new billion-dollar government drug development center will help research new medicines, in hopes of attracting commercial interest .

The job of the new center, to be called the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, is to do as much research as it needs to do so that it can attract drug company investment.

The issue is that it can cost as much as 1 billion dollars to bring a new drug to market including research and marketing. Manufacturers say that the cost of research prohibits them from pursuing many leads.

The center will not compete with the private sector but rather aid in the research that has typically been handled by the drug companies. The project is hoping to offset the trend of drug makers shying away from new technologies or research they deem as cost prohibitive.

“I am a little frustrated to see how many of the discoveries that do look as though they have therapeutic implications are waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to follow through with them,” said Dr. Collins, who once directed the agency’s Human Genome Project.

Under the plan, more than $700 million in research projects already under way at various institutes and centers would be brought together at the new center.