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Monday May 13, 2013

NYC Considering Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote

NYC Considering Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote

Photo: Non-Citizens Voting NYC

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NYC city council is considering allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections if the proposed “Voting by Non-Citizen Residents” legislation passes.

Residents would have to prove 6 months of residency and meet the other voter registration requirements of the state to vote locally.  The permission to vote in municipal elections would not permit voting in state or federal elections. 

The proposed legislation if passed would make New York City one of the first major cities allowing non-citizens the right to vote.  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg does not support the initiative but over half of the 51 council members are in support according to a report by TPM.

Mayoral spokeswoman Evelyn Erskine said “The mayor believes voting is the most important right we are granted as citizens and you should have to go through the process of becoming a citizen and declaring allegiance to this country before being given that right.”

Last Thursday the New York City Council took the first step to making state history when the legislation’s 34-co-sponsors introduced the legislation for discussion.